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PCT-EP is a straightforward, secure and cost-effective solution for EPO regional phase filing. We have developed PCT-EP to make instructing Euro-PCT filing simpler. Other filing platforms often have the same procedure for each national phase in the many patent jurisdictions covered by the PCT, regardless of the degree of importance of those jurisdictions to you or your client.

We deal only with the EPO, so if you use PCT-EP you have the peace of mind of knowing one of the largest and most important patent jurisdictions is covered.

Once we receive your order, we make all the necessary checks, as you would expect from a European Patent Attorney (EPA). We will contact you in good time if there are any issues or if we need anything more from you. Usually, we will enter the EPO phase within 48 hours of payment and report to you promptly. Pay in the currency of your choice either by interbank transfer or by credit / debit card via PayPal.

If you have instructed us to transfer your case to your preferred EPA after filing, we are happy to do so and at no further charge. We will provide further help if needed and will timely forward to you and your EPA any EPO communications which have been sent to us, also at no further charge.



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