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Do I have to use PCT-EP as my European Patent Attorney after filing?

No. We are happy to transfer your cases, at no extra cost, to your preferred EPA after we file at the EPO. An easy way to instruct us to do this is to use the option in our filing platform to enter your preferred EPA’s name, firm and email address. We will transfer the case to your preferred EPA promptly after filing and send to them all necessary documents (and copy them to you). If necessary, we will help your preferred EPA to register as the representative for your case and we will, of course, promptly forward any documents we receive from the EPO to your preferred EPA after transfer.

Is PCT-EP a patent attorney firm?

Yes. PCT-EP is a trading style of Atherton Knowles Ltd, a firm of Chartered (UK) and European patent attorneys. We are regulated by IPReg (UK) and our patent attorneys are qualified EPAs regulated by the European Patent Institute (the professional body for EPAs).

PCT-EP's quote for Euro-PCT entry seems low, why?

We set up PCT-EP to offer an excellent and cost effective professional service, so our service fees are lower than many of our competitors. Three aspects of our service help us to do this:

  1. Our investment in technology to simplify the process of taking instructions and filing patent applications;
  2. We ask for payment before we file your application to mitigate adverse cash flow and the credit risk owing to the high EPO official fees; and
  3. We deal directly with what we know - we are European patent attorneys dealing with the PCT and EPO.

PCT-EP's quote for EPO official fees is different to my other quotes, why?

This may be because the other quotes include EPO claims fees, use different exchange rates, or do not include the third year renewal fee.

Our quote does not include EPO claims fees (these are payable for each claim over 15 and are very high), although we do indicate how much they would be. We do not recommend paying claims fees on Euro-PCT entry as they may still be validly paid by six months after a communication from the EPO, and claims may be amended before payment of the fees (the claim fees due are based on the number of claims after amendment).

EPO fees are payable in Euros. To see the official fee without exchange rate distortion, select € as the currency in the calculator.

The third year renewal fee is due on entry if the filing date of the PCT application is more than two years before the 31 month entry deadline. This may happen when the priority date is less than six months before the filing date. The fee can be paid up to three months before it falls due. Our quote includes this fee, if applicable.

What does my PCT-EP quote include?

Our quotes for Euro-PCT entry include:

Official fees: all official fees payable on Euro-PCT entry (except claims fees, although we provide an indication of these). The fees are determined using the details of the PCT application, specifically the international searching authority, number of pages of the PCT application, extension states (if any), and filing date.

Our service fee: we have a flat-rate service fee.

Our quote does not include:

Late fees: if we receive instructions to file too close to the due date a late fee may be payable to the EPO. Late fees can be large - up to 50% of the official fees, plus €250.

Translation costs: we do not need a translation for PCT applications published in English, French or German. We will ask you to provide an English translation of the PCT application in all other cases.

Prosecution costs: costs involved in prosecuting the European patent application after filing.

Does PCT-EP need a Power of Attorney?

No. European patent attorneys do not need to file a PoA at the EPO for the purposes of filing. If you ask us to represent you after filing, we may need a PoA (but often do not).