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A Euro-PCT filing platform run by European patent attorney firm Atherton Knowles.

We provide simple, secure and cost effective European (EPO) regional phase entry of PCT patent applications. We are able to offer Euro-PCT phase entry at attractive cost because of our investment in technology and because we ask for payment before we file at the European Patent Office. Our current service fee for filing is €1057, plus EPO official fees. After filing, we can continue to act for you before the EPO, or we are happy to transfer representation to your preferred European Patent Attorney at no additional cost.

Why Europe?

The EPO is one of the most important Contracting Parties to the PCT. Member states of the EPO have a combined GDP of US$ 20 trillion and cover a market of over 600 million people. The EPO covers the whole of the European Union and other major European states.

Why use

Use our simple PCT-EP filing platform to securely and cost-effectively enter the European regional phase.

Enter the PCT national phase in other offices with your usual filing service. Benefits of PCT-EP include:

Easy Estimate

Enter your WO number and click search - check details and click confirm to place your order.

Change Page and Claim Numbers

Correcting the number of claims and page numbers after amendments is easy - the go-european quote automatically adjusts.

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The go-european quote lists our service fee, essential official fees and any claims fees - compare our quote with your usual agent.

Transfer to Preferred EPA 

After filing, we give you the option of transferring to your preferred EPA - easily, quickly and at no additional cost.